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grateful, enthused, fortunate, thrilled, thankful, joyful!

At this moment, I can just picture God laughing at me as I'm completely filled with excitement over a summer job. You see, all this last term I have been under a lot of stress as I try to apply for jobs, scholarships and get through the last bit of school as I dream of summer and freedom.
I was disappointed as I wasn't hired back to Tadmor again but it was really God's way of telling me that I needed to go to Summit. Summit is a mission trip that I will be going on after school ends for two weeks. It is with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and we will be serving homeless in Portland and I'm thrilled!
I'm pretty sure that is where God wants me to be because he has removed every obstacle that was in my way of getting there.
First he crossed out Tadmor that wouldn't have let me make the trip at all.
Then I had no money, and in three days I fund-raised it all! By they way thanks everyone for contributing your support, it helped so much!
Then, the final obstacle, …