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I can see the light!


is the number of days left until I graduate college!
It's finally hitting me that I'm about done with my college days and I am feeling extremely bittersweet about it.

I can not wait to be done with endless papers and lectures and the hectic schedule I have slammed myself in the last couple years.
BUT I am so not ready to be a grown up or leave my lovely university. My campus is gorgeous and the friendships I have made here I know will last a lifetime. I just can not believe it is almost over just 6 more weeks until I am done with classes!
I am however, extremely excited for my next stage in life that God is calling me too.
I will be doing campus ministry next year! I am so stoked and I have been dreaming about this for a while now. Yes, haha I will be doing ministry at UofO haha my rival school, but I can not wait to invest in the students there and witness the Grace of God happening on that campus!

Life is about to change drastically for me and I am super ecstatic b…