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Picked up from the fall.

Over this past weekend I had a chance to embrace one of my fears, skiing. It was my first time and I was going to put my fears behind me and enjoy God's wonderful nature. However, funny story, I was half way down my first run, on the bunny hill that is, and I was doing alright until...I biffed it. I'm not sure how I accomplished it but somehow I landed faced down with my legs all twisted and my skis flung on both sides of me. I sprained my ankle and now I'm back in daily life trying to make it around on crutches. Haha it's just my luck, maybe later I will try to ski again but for now I'm hobbling around trying not to hurt myself anymore. I've realized through this that I have amazing friends that care so much for me, getting me dinner, carrying me up the stairs and teasing me to make me feel better. I'm not sure why this is apart of God's crazy plan for me but maybe he wants me to take rest and rely on Him only. So it all comes down to just embracing my…

embrace the moment.

There are too many moments that pass by in life to dismiss and forget about. Some may be memories you will never want to forget, some moments are going to hurt and some moments may catch you off guard. Never have I or will I regret any memory. You must embrace them all as you use each one as another stepping stone in the journey of life. There are many memories that I want to hold onto forever and then there are ones that will forever be there in the back of my mind but I wish would go away. Then there are those moments that many dream about. We wonder what will become of our future, where we will be in ten years from now or fifty years from now. However, I must focus on the here and now and be content with the memories I am currently making. Many times I struggle with the happenings of life and wonder why I ever had to go through tough circumstances but I must embrace them and grow and keeping moving on, one step at a time.
God is my King, He has saved me from this broken and messed…