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World Changers

So far the beginning of this year have been quite eventful. I just got back from visiting St. Louis again as I joined 1400 InterVarsity staff at our national staff conference.

It was beyond great. We were encouraged as we were told stories of how students and alumni have become world changers with Jesus in their campuses, communities, through trials, and even in their vocations. We were reminded as we develop world changers on our campus that we follow the greatest world changer, Jesus! 
It was also great to catch up with other my other intern friends since we haven't seen each other since July. I am ready and geared up with more tools and encouragement to help develop leaders on our campus and to take risks with Jesus. 
How have you been impacted by our great world changer? What would your life look like if you were a world changer with Jesus? 
This is how I want to see the greatest world changer affect my campus!…