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Birthday blessings!

Well one countdown on my list has come and gone cause yesterday was my birthday:) goodness I feel old now 22 is such a weird age cause there are no more exciting birthdays for a while now. I feel like a real adult now just a young adult ah and I have to make real life decisions now, oh my goodness like what job ill have and where I'll live oh wow I'm not going to freak out about that now. Anyway I had a very nice birthday:)
I had a very enjoyable and delicious dinner date with Russ, Krystal and Ryan at Big River. My taste buds to say the least were very happy! It was a lovely evening:) I'm very spoiled and blessed by my these lovely people:) I can't wait to go birthday shopping and enjoy the many treats my mom and friends have made me. But more than anything I'm so blessed to know that my father God has made me and created me to be exactly who I was created to be and I'm so excited to live life on this journey he has for me!
Oh and I'm so excited well okay…


Happy Tuesday Everyone
So here's the news for today:
It's election day, finally!
This year was my first time to vote in a presidential election since last time I turned 18 the day after the election. Ya that didn't seem fair so this time around I made sure to do my part and research who the best candidates will be for our country. I'm anxious for the results but mostly excited that I got to place a vote!
Today is my last day being 21..
ya that's right I'm getting older and my birthday is tomorrow! I can't wait:) & I just found out I share my birthday with Billy Graham how crazy is that!

In other exciting news there are:
16 days till Thanksgiving: yay Turkey time, family time and I get to see my lil sis. Yay I haven't seen her since August:(
17 days till I can start listening to Christmas Music:)
31 days till Christmas break (Christmas may or may not be my favorite time of year:)
49 days till Christmas: Happy Birthday Jesus!
51 days till Urbana: aka the be…

Reasons for Celebrating

Okay Okay I've procrastinated too long and I miss blogging way too much! I miss sharing how God is transforming me and how he has been blessing me. So it's about time I start again!
Well he has been blessing me this year that is for sure! This is my senior year ahhh! I never thought this time would come! Yes I'm not loving my ridiculous amounts of hard homework (writing papers for days:/) and I'm dreading make serious life decisions for post-college. But yes I am loving living with my roommie Casey and making new memories with my Intervarsity community. 
This year has also been tough with my boyfriend and I are long-distance:( However, I'm so lucky that he comes and visits me as often as he can:) And this weekend I got to celebrate him! Russell turned 23 this saturday! It was great, he was here and my parents were her for dad's & families weekend. It was a weekend of celebrating as I turn 22 this coming Wednesday (as in 2 days!!:)) So there was celebration…