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one amazing dad.

On this day, May 6th 2010.  Is my wonderful daddy's birthday! He is wise and full of compassion for God's people. His heart is on fire for our Lord. He takes good care of me and gives me things I don't deserve. He is faithful to my mom and is proud of my sister and I. He knows  just what to do to make me laugh and he knows what to say to me in life decision moments. He is lovable and incredibly joyful. He knows whats best for me and I'm so thankful for him. He is a great picture of our Father in heaven and I'm forever grateful for him. I love you Daddy!

Beloveds please be loved.

God has given us love before we even knew of Him. He calls us to love others just as He loves us. I am so thankful for the wonderful people that he has placed in my life. So here's to you all who have encountered my life and have shown me God's love and helped me grow more in Him.
Courtney Baby {she be my sister}
Her smile always brings me pure joy, her strength is incredible 
and her pursuit for God is outstanding. She's a wee one of 15 
but she's changing the world one laugh at a time.

 Rosalia Ann {my coffee addict twin} We met by fate in an HDFS link class,now we  are inseparable. She's my go to girl,her  happiness is addicting, and her servants heart is amazing. I love you my dear Rosebud!

Venisa Nisa {the best friend} We've been best friends for five years now and I wouldn't be me without her.  Her heart is full of love and care for 
others and she's no quitter. Nisa is beautiful  inside and out. God is taking her places.

Bridget girl {tadmor bestie} Oh this girl is…


Hello Beautiful children of God. I just wrote a song just now about how amazing our heavenly father is. I'm hoping to record it someday, sometime soon. God has given me a gift of song writing, and I know that it would be a sin to keep that gift from you, so I'm no longer hiding my secret poems, but I'm sharing them so that you too can see how great God is! I pray that you will be blessed day in and day out in good times and bad!  You’re good You're good Lord we cant get enough of you
You're true You’re true No one can live up to the things you do
We’re in awe Awestruck We’re blown away by you
Hallelujah We adore you For your glory We live for you Praise your name Your love is great Hallelujah We love and worship you
Cant keep quiet we got to shout it out to the world to the world you’re the one we care about mustn’t keep still raise our hands up high to the heavens to heavens we breathe only for you