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This weekend was fabulous! My sister is finally home for the summer and we got to have some much needed family time to celebrate my dads birthday at the beach this weekend. It was absolutely beautiful 85 degree weather at the coast which never ever happens! I unfortunately got my first sunburn of the season but my lovely and talented sister still managed to get some beautiful senior photos of me:) I posted a few for a sneak peak for you!

Now, I am back in school mode. I have been stuck writing numerous papers this week, oh how senioritis has got the best of me. I have been spending all my time here at the memorial union, it's my favorite place on campus but currently is been my second home, I am spending way too much time on hw, well more time than I want to.

There are just 38 days left of college! I cannot wait to be done with all of this school work but everyday I know I am going to miss this place more than ever.
I am extremely jealous of my friends who already graduated thi…