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Hello Friends & Sunshine!

I don't know the weather is where you are but I'm so blessed by the sun in Oregon today!
I know I know it has been a looooong time since I last blogged oh boy. I will justify myself and say that I have literally no time on my hands to blog lately. So better late than never:)

This past weekend I want to a NW regional conference with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and the them was Just Money. There was talks about being grateful for the wealth that God has given us (dude I bet you didn't know that Americans are in the 2nd richest in the world, that means even "poor college students"). The Bible calls us to share our wealth with the poor and we can do this by living simply and being generous with our money, ehm excuse me God's money. All of these things have been on my heart for a years now but it's always difficult for me to tangibly change my ways. So I'm going to start with some small steps!

One of those steps is to he…