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{overflowed with love}

I'm sooo thrilled because I just got my package from my mamma!! OH joy I now have crafting materials and treats and things! I feel so much love oh it's good thanks mom!!

Today is just a great day I keep seeing God do so much good every where I look it's mind blowing mind blowing I tell you!
Here's a little lovely song that I hope will put some hope & love & joy in your hearts:)

By the way it's Day 9

I kept it simple today with my jewelry, which I usually do, but these rings I wear everyday.
 The rose ring I found a few years back at a antique shop at the beach & it helps remind me that there is always beauty after pain or troubles. The heart ring my mom but my last year & it symbolizes to me how great my community, family, and God loves me and everyone around me cause God's love is what makes the world go round:) My blue topaz ring is my purity ring, true love will await me!
My best friend Venisa and I personalized this amazing necklace by Lisa Le…

25yrs of Faithfulness

Happy 25rys to my wonderful parents! They are so lovable, honorable and respectable. I have been so blessed by them and I am so thankful for their impact on my life. Congrats and I love you both so much:)

It's such a beautiful day again! OH I'm loving this sunshine and I'm dreaming of spending time in cali for spring break:)

Day 7:

{{hey there sunshine}}

Praise Jesus for this wonderful sunshine!
I am just loving it and soaking it up!

Today has been an excellent Sunday so far. The group I'm apart of, Intervaristy, led church today at the church that first supported our chapter. It was really exciting as we led worship and shared the geneology of how our community all impacts another and we all are connected in Christ. I am so amazed at how God orchestrates everything and I am so thankful for my community of friends! I honestly can't be grateful enough for them, they are so wonderful and I love being apart of their lives:)
 Thanks Jesus for being the best ever!

P.S. Day 5's Outfit:)