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New roles, new students & new scarfs.

I have made it to my new home wohoo! I am getting to know the city and I have been slowly decorating my apartment. Students moved onto campus just yesterday and we have been so excited to meet them and start planting seeds in the dorms! We are planting five small groups on campus and that is no small feet. However, we are praying bolding and sending each other out to all corners of campus!  What else is new? Well let me tell ya! Today I officially opened my new shop Kay's Cozies! I have been making scarfs and headbands today and I want you to wear them, ya that's right you! You can find my facebook page here Bear with me as this is a totally new field for me and I have not been able to go quite so high tech with online paying and graphics. Here's to fresh starts and trusting Jesus!


Hello my fellow bloggers!  Lately I have been enjoying watching all the first day of school picks pop up, seeing fall fashion come back around and drinking hot coffee every morning. However, I am still relaxing at home and have not jumped into the business of fall yet. I find it crazy that I am not going to school and I am feeling sad that I will not be returning to good old Corvallis.  I have been packing and prepping for my big move and I cannot wait to serve college students and see God move on campus!  One of the ways that God has been preparing me for this new transition has been simply by loving me. I have been so crazy busy these last years and I have finally had time, well made time, to sit still and be with God. 
This verse pretty much sums it up and it has been running through my mind daily  and it just might be my verse of the year. 

Zephaniah 3:17
Let God lavish his love on you and let yourself just be, because nothing we do can make God love us more. I have been re-learn…

I love the NW

I woke up to down pour this morning..... and I loved it! As much as I despise rain during the summer month, I have seriously been missing it lately.  Every winter I want to move to sunny California but on days like today I know I'm a true NW lady. There is nothing like a good book, some Michael Buble and hearing the rain against the window pain.

I am also pretty excited for fall! I cannot wait for the everything to start back up again! Football is coming, the leaves will be gorgeous and I get to wear scarfs again! I may or may not be obsessed with them, after all they are my favorite accessory! Speaking of scarfs I thought I would show you a sneak peak of what I have been up to this summer:) These lovely scarfs will be available for purchase this fall woohoo! I can't wait to see you beautiful lovelies wearing them! I will be posting them on my new shop,  right here on my blog! I hope you love them and I would love to take requests of colors if you have any:)
Anyway enjoy your…

rest to reality

Good Morning friends:)
I'm terribly sorry for the lack of blogging lately to the lack of internet. Actually I might not be that sorry, I thorougly enjoyed being unplugged and laying on Cannon Beach last week:)  It is always good to be home in my own bed but getting up back to reality is always something that could be postponned.  I, however, feel fully rested and ready to go. I enjoyed playing games with my fam, boogie boarding with my sis, reading the word and and having my nose in a book constitently.  But back to work I go, work I thorougly enjoy though so that makes it all the better:)
Have a happy Monday and remember that his face shine upon you! 


The word.
I take it for granted to often but this summer I have been craving to be in it everyday. I forget just how powerful God's words, his promises and encouragements always align with my soul and awake me to God's love.  I am so thankful to have such instant access to hear from our mighty God, that I can chat with him anytime just as I am. We are so blessed to have this amazing and active communication with our Father.  He is so good. So great! 

Sunny Days

Today I am thankful for this gorgeous weather we have been having, thanks Jesus! I am so grateful for an amazing summer so far. It is incredible to have a break but at the same time I serioulsy do not know what to do when I have free time. Free time as a student was rare and precious and now I am overwhelmed with it but I am so not complaining:) 
I am just thankful for summer days, loved ones and enjoying well being joyful and free! 

Grey Skies

Good Morning & Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a delightful holiday weekend. I had a much needed and restful weekend spending time with my family and my Lord and I am ready to kick off the week! The skies are grey this summer, just like they have been every morning in the great nw, but I am in high hopes that it will break off later in the day. Lately, I have been basking in this same hope of Christ. Trust is always something I am working on when it comes to God's provision and trusting his plans. I tend to feel like all I can see are grey skies but God continually surprises and allows me to see his sunshine, his glory. It is so good to wait upon the Lord, even when it seems like a while, because my God is good and magnificent and he will provide. I have been fundraising for my new ministry position and God is blowing my mind with the way he has expanded my network and with how much he is provided for me!!  God is good yesterday, today and every day the same and I will be in h…

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy your barbecues, festivites and fireworks! I know I will:)  


Well it's the week for celebrating our nations, our independence, our freedom and our identities. I have been thinking about the fourth of July this week and how yes, I am proud to be an American, but that is not all I am. I am also so thankful for my childhood years in Canada. The first of July is Canada Day and I have such fond memories of my family celebrating on that day and the fourth of July growing up. I know that legally I am not Canadian but I spent almost half of my life there and I miss it! I had always struggled being identified in Canada as an American and vice versa here in the states. But ya know what? I am so proud to cherish both countries! My family has moved quite a bit but I am so thankful that I have had different experiences, many friendships, different cultures and growing periods as we have moved from place to place. I may not have a home town but I have home wherever I am with my family and wherever Christ leads me.  God has molded me and shaped me with m…

Four great years:)

Well it's been quite a while since I have blogged regularly and it's about time I get back at it! So let's start with some updates of the happenings of my life.

Just a few weeks ago I made a major milestone in my life, I graduated college! I still cannot believe college is over, it is hard to grasp with the fact that I am not a student anymore! I'm pretty sure that it wont feel real until school starts up again and I will have no more classes or homework hallelujah! However, I will be going to a new campus to work and live with students, I am pretty stoked that my new job allows me to reap the fun benefits of student life since I am so not ready to give that up.

I have learned quite a bit over these few years. I have been developed into a different person; I have become more of a risk-taker, I have gained new eyes for people and the world, and God has been continually molding my heart to be more like him.

I received lots of knowledge about how people are developing …
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Hello Hello! I am in the process in switching over to bloglovin:) You should be able me to follow me on both websites but I am excited for this new transition and to be blogging much more often now that I am a graduate! 

More posts will be coming shortly:)


This weekend was fabulous! My sister is finally home for the summer and we got to have some much needed family time to celebrate my dads birthday at the beach this weekend. It was absolutely beautiful 85 degree weather at the coast which never ever happens! I unfortunately got my first sunburn of the season but my lovely and talented sister still managed to get some beautiful senior photos of me:) I posted a few for a sneak peak for you!

Now, I am back in school mode. I have been stuck writing numerous papers this week, oh how senioritis has got the best of me. I have been spending all my time here at the memorial union, it's my favorite place on campus but currently is been my second home, I am spending way too much time on hw, well more time than I want to.

There are just 38 days left of college! I cannot wait to be done with all of this school work but everyday I know I am going to miss this place more than ever.
I am extremely jealous of my friends who already graduated thi…

I can see the light!


is the number of days left until I graduate college!
It's finally hitting me that I'm about done with my college days and I am feeling extremely bittersweet about it.

I can not wait to be done with endless papers and lectures and the hectic schedule I have slammed myself in the last couple years.
BUT I am so not ready to be a grown up or leave my lovely university. My campus is gorgeous and the friendships I have made here I know will last a lifetime. I just can not believe it is almost over just 6 more weeks until I am done with classes!
I am however, extremely excited for my next stage in life that God is calling me too.
I will be doing campus ministry next year! I am so stoked and I have been dreaming about this for a while now. Yes, haha I will be doing ministry at UofO haha my rival school, but I can not wait to invest in the students there and witness the Grace of God happening on that campus!

Life is about to change drastically for me and I am super ecstatic b…

30:30 Day 1

Good morning friends!
So I didn't hold up to the end of my deal when I said I would post my 30 items caught up with me oops! Sooo here they are today!

My 30:
4 pairs of pants
4 sweaters
2 dresses
11 tops
3 jackets
5 pairs of shoes

Ill post an outfit tomorrow I promise:)

Happy 30ing!


Hello Friends & Sunshine!

I don't know the weather is where you are but I'm so blessed by the sun in Oregon today!
I know I know it has been a looooong time since I last blogged oh boy. I will justify myself and say that I have literally no time on my hands to blog lately. So better late than never:)

This past weekend I want to a NW regional conference with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and the them was Just Money. There was talks about being grateful for the wealth that God has given us (dude I bet you didn't know that Americans are in the 2nd richest in the world, that means even "poor college students"). The Bible calls us to share our wealth with the poor and we can do this by living simply and being generous with our money, ehm excuse me God's money. All of these things have been on my heart for a years now but it's always difficult for me to tangibly change my ways. So I'm going to start with some small steps!

One of those steps is to he…

Happy 1 year!

Today is January 15th, the marker of one incredible year with Russ:) He has been an amazing blessing in my life and I'm excited to spend more days, months and years with this man! It's a happy happy happy day, can't wait for our date this weekend;)