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endings & beginnings

Summertime has finally come and the books have been closed. 
It's time for my brain to take a break and for my skin to bronze.

It seemed like this term was never ending and that finals week was taking its sweet time to leave me waiting in anticipation to be free from school. But good news today was my first day of summer! I'm so happy that my first year of college is over and I'm looking forward to the next three! I love OSU and God has got some great plans for me coming up, I just know it.

Tomorrow I'll be heading out to Summit for my Portland mission trip.I'm a bit nervous and honestly don't feel rested of prepared for it but I know that God has something up his sleeve. I will be there for two weeks without phone or my family but I'll have my friends and God's amazing love, which is an exceptional trade if you ask me! I'm going in without much information of any expectations and I'm going to commit it all to God. I'll be updating you all ab…