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everlasting water.

"Have faith in me, and you will have life-giving water flowing from deep inside you, just as the scriptures says" John 7:38
       I can't tell but I think that maybe God has been hinting something at me this summer. Perhaps he's been hinting with the longing I have for water on a hot, hot day, or for being soaked during a water fight at work. Maybe it's been in the beauty of the pudget sound or the beautiful lakes and the ocean I laid by on vacation. With every drop of water,God has been catching my attention. 

        My family takes walks often by the pudget sound and I love the calming and peace that it brings me. It always captivates me and I continue to stare out at the never ending waters for far too long. My entire summer vacation was wrapped around water. My family went to visit Canada, which was amazing by the way, and we camped at our favorite spot on Vancouver Island and hung out at the beach for days. We also drove hours to spend time on the lakes of …