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crazy thankful

Lately life has been crazy!

Homework seems never ending,
work was hectic (ya thousands of student visiting our campus oh yeah for 80 person tours I led)
I have an amazing internship with Love In The Name of Christ this term (definitely confirming I'm in the right major, I love serving people with Christ's love),
fundraising for my Portland Urban Project trip this summer,
doing some wedding planning and crafting for my dear friend Krystal,
and my bf and I are learning how to serve each other better.

Life at the moment seems like I have a never ending to-do list but God has been teaching me to be continually thankful for what he has given me. Literally He has been showing up everywhere showing me what he is doing in each area of my life and showing me that I am way too blessed to be complaining.

He has given me:
a job,
opportunities to serve low-income families in my city,
incredible friends,
a lovely family,
an amazing boyfriend,
the sunshine,
an education and classes that I l…