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Feelin' Blessed!

Guess who's a happy camper this morning?
That's right you guessed it...ME!

I have many reasons for why I am overwhelming blessed & filled with joy and I just can't but help sharing them with you.

First, this last weekend was spent with my wonderful best friend Venisa.

It was filled with heart to hearts & sweet memories of wedding shopping because...

I am sooooo incredibly thrilled for her! This is of course nothing new, I'm actually horrible for not blogging about this sooner because she has been engaged for months now!  I am completely overjoyed to be her Maid of Honor and I'm so excited for this new chapter in her life! We're counting down the months till her big day in December and God has truly given her many blessings through all of her planning and we're all so thankful and excited of course! (eeeeeeh! I could talk about this all forever)
My second blessing... I got a job! As I was "studying" in the library I decided to c…