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The word.
I take it for granted to often but this summer I have been craving to be in it everyday. I forget just how powerful God's words, his promises and encouragements always align with my soul and awake me to God's love.  I am so thankful to have such instant access to hear from our mighty God, that I can chat with him anytime just as I am. We are so blessed to have this amazing and active communication with our Father.  He is so good. So great! 

Sunny Days

Today I am thankful for this gorgeous weather we have been having, thanks Jesus! I am so grateful for an amazing summer so far. It is incredible to have a break but at the same time I serioulsy do not know what to do when I have free time. Free time as a student was rare and precious and now I am overwhelmed with it but I am so not complaining:) 
I am just thankful for summer days, loved ones and enjoying well being joyful and free! 

Grey Skies

Good Morning & Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a delightful holiday weekend. I had a much needed and restful weekend spending time with my family and my Lord and I am ready to kick off the week! The skies are grey this summer, just like they have been every morning in the great nw, but I am in high hopes that it will break off later in the day. Lately, I have been basking in this same hope of Christ. Trust is always something I am working on when it comes to God's provision and trusting his plans. I tend to feel like all I can see are grey skies but God continually surprises and allows me to see his sunshine, his glory. It is so good to wait upon the Lord, even when it seems like a while, because my God is good and magnificent and he will provide. I have been fundraising for my new ministry position and God is blowing my mind with the way he has expanded my network and with how much he is provided for me!!  God is good yesterday, today and every day the same and I will be in h…