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Unexpected Blessings

DEAD WEEK.  It's usually my last favorite week of the school year. Going into this week I was beyond stressed just thinking about all the assignments, papers, projects and finals that I would be spending my time on this week. However, this week has been more peaceful that I was expecting! God is showing up all over the place! 
These are just a few of the unexpected blessings I've received:  I haven't felt stressed yet and my to-list is continually shrinking with ease! The lady at the coffee shop gave me a free coffee yesterday, made my day:)  My room is now decked out in Christmas Cheer Campus is also looking like a winter wonderland And we had a fabulous dinner out with our Bible Study last night with many laughs Oh and I scored at the secret sale in the campus bookstore today!
So many joyful blessings and it's only Wednesday!
Thanks Jesus for making this week a fantastic week instead of a dreadful one:

I shouldn't even underestimate the power and love of God!