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Hello 2014
This year I decided no reslotions since I never keep them but I do have some things I wish to do and small goals that I strive to acheive per season. Making goals for an entire year just isnt't doable for me and when the seasons change I have different focuses as well, so small goals it is.   Today I want to reflect more on this past year rather than make a list of goals, however blogging more is definitely one of them, oops I haven't blogged since September...
On NYE my family started a new tradition of reflecting on all the blessings of the year. We wrote down our blessings throughout the year and opened them new years eve and wow what a blessed year I had! This has probably one of the most significant years of my life and I barely noticed! 
Here are my top blessings of 2013
Urbana Conference in St. Louis This was my first time traveling east and boy was it dry, flat and cold! The snow, company of good friends and thousands of other InterVarsity friends, excellent food …