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Oh Canada

I love the olympics! They are exciting, thrilling, and incredible to watch as the best athletes in the world compete! The olympics always remind me that two countries have my heart not just one. I have said before that I spent my childhood years in Canada and when these competitions begin again every few years I cannot stop myself for cheering for team Canada as if it were my home country. Now no worries of course I am cheering for team USA but I was raised in Canada where ice skating, curling and hockey were weekly activities and constantly on our T.V's. I was priveledge enough to take ice skating lessons for about seven years and my dream was to grow up to be Michelle Kwan and as I watch the figure skaters compete that dream comes back to me again. I was slightly crushed when the announcers declard twenty-two year olds to be old ice skaters, so now I am sure I don't have that as a career choice anymore:(  Oh well, I will survive as long as I can get on the ice soon!  I am so pr…