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Happy Birthday Best Friend!

Venisa Darlene Troyer, Happy 20th Birthday to you!

We have been celebrating our birthdays together for years and now that we are both going to different schools it's alot harder to do that. But no matter what I will always be so thrilled for her birthday if we are apart or not!

Nisa is such a beautiful woman of the Lord and she is so encouraging and loving to anyone she meets!

I am so thankful that she has been such a big part of my life! She has helped me through tough situations and awkward ones, and she always helps to create amazing eventful memories!
I love her so much and I would not be fully me if she hadn't been there.

Nisa you are always loved by me and our wonderful God:)

2 Decades Old.

I'm 20! I'm getting so old! 

This year I felt so completely and incredibly blessed by my God and my friends. I had been trying to plan a little something for my birthday this year and I was excited about it but it really just hadn't felt like my birthday yet. Little did I know that my friends had something different in mind. 
We just got back from Intervarsity's Fall conference, which was incredible by the way. So I was already feeling blessed by God because he yet again showed me how great he is, how awesome his love for me and that I am apart of his amazing plan for us!
So I was just hanging out in the afternoon and my roommate Kelly had to leave for work super abruptly, and I so I decided a birthday nap would be good. I then headed over to my friend Krystal's house to paint nails and have some girl time. Dara spoiled me and did me all up, Steph gave me the best present as always and the girls all got excited with me before we were all about to head out. 
The plan w…