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Sunshiney Day!

Ahh sunshine..

I love love love Saturdays! They are my absolute favorite day of the week.
Sleeping in,
Reading for fun, yes I do that and it's amazing by the way,
Jesus time,
Time with my man,
& my community,
and enjoying God's breathtaking creation.

Today has been wonderful, aside from the homework and dreading dead week in two days. It's so good to wake up to read God's powerful word. Oh and I also love to enjoy delicious food on Saturdays. Today my boyfriend to me to a wonderful breakfast place, Sam's Station, for lunch and wow was my tummy satisfied and happy. Lately, I've been having a hard time being completely satisfied, content or happy. I'm finding myself complaining way too much about my busy busy crazy life. Heck, I already mentioned earlier that I'm stressed about this next week. Yes, I'm getting overwhelmed by school but the truth is I need to trust in my Father more. This past week I tried my best every morning to rise early …