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Coming Home.

The start of the year always brings new neighbors, new classes and new fallen leaves. It's been exciting moving back into the dorms again, seeing old friends and being apart of a great community.
As much as I love getting to know new people, I dread one certain question. It's probably one of the most asked questions ever and I think I get asked it almost everyday. So here it is, "Where are you from?"
It drives me crazy because my answer can't be explained by a word or even one sentence. It's complicated and I guess you could say I get frustrated explaining it all the time.
However with that, here is my typical answer.
"I'm kind of from Corvallis. I graduated from Santiam Christian.
But wait that's not all, my parents just moved to Tacoma, WA a year ago but I've never lived there. You see my dad is a pastor so my family moves around alot. I was born in Salem, raised in Albany and then I moved to Canada when I was six. I lived in Langley, BC for …