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a few of my favorite things

The Cherry Blossom Trees are in bloom all over campus  and their beauty seriously gets me every time!
I just got my first pair of ankle boots on sale last week! It's a little late  in the year to wear them and they are not in my 21 items right now  but I can't wait to wear them! 

The Farmer's Market is back and I couldn't be happier to have beautiful and reasonably priced flowers in my vase every week!

As her school year gets closer to the end, the more I miss her!  I cannot wait for my sis to get back to the NW and let me tell you how proud I am of her! She's in her natural element here, little miss photographer:) 

Last but not least, it's Good Friday! It's a somber day as we remember Jesus' death on the cross. However I am so overwhelmed by his generous love as he became sin for us on this day so we could be with him and live freely. I'm overwhelmed.  He is way too good for us.
What were your favorite things this week? Happy Good Friday!


DIY Wednesdays

I have been wanting to experiment with the contouring phase lately but I don't feel like breaking my bank! So I thought I would try to make my own highlighter! This tutorial is super easy and it actually turned out pretty well. My only advice would be to pick eyeshadows that don't have too much glitter in them, mine turned out a tad too shimmery for my likely. Anyway happy highlighting!


Trendy Tuesday 

So last week I encouraged you to shop your closets for your favorite spring trend and this week I seriously had to take my own advice!
Introducing the 21 day challenge! I have completed the "30 items for 30 days" challenge a few times but this new challenge is really going to push me. 
I am joining in with my college ministry to participate in the 21dayproject. This means only 21 items!! Ladies I'm not sure how I am going to hold up for the next 21 days! So, you might be asking "why in the world would you do this?" Well our college group is focusing on justice, simplicity and consumerism in the next few weeks and our hope is that this challenge will help us live lives of every day justice. These next 21 days will help me see what I want vs, what I need and help me not to be as consumed with materialism and turn my focus towards justice.  Do I have you intereted yet? 
Here's how it works: April 16 - May 6 21 items (or 30 items) Shirts, pants, shorts, …