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True love died.

Hello Good Friday!

Today is the day we remember the greatest sacrifice. He took on the whole worlds sins so that we may have eternal life through him! He died on the cross, with nail in his hands and in his feet and a crown of thorns upon his head. His death was brutal and we placed him there on the cross. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice so we wouldn't have too. He reconciled us, purified us, forgave us,
HE LOVED US! He did this for us! It's heart aching to think about, because what he did for us was so harsh and it hurts to know that he went through tremendous pain. But it was all out of love, Jesus was perfect and this is how he showed his perfect love for us.

True Love by Phil Wickham

new life.

So this week,
I was assigned to write about my journey from childhood to choosing my college and future plans. The more I wrote my story, the more I realized how boring it was. Yeah, I've lived some cool places and had some great experiences and nothing about my journey has been horrible or dull but writing my story without mentioning Jesus in my life was pointless!

My new life, my entire purpose for living is to glorify Jesus and without this intentionality of living my life would just be meaningless.
Today is Maundy Thursday, a day for celebrating in the passover feast and on this Maundy Thursday 16 years ago I asked Jesus Christ into my little four year old heart.

NOW that is worth writing about! Christ has purified my heart and given me a new ETERNAL life! okay wow... hold on one second...

ponder this...
WE are forgiven in HIS name! His Holy Spirit lives inside us! He moves through us and breathes new life into us! If this isn't good news than I d…