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Well hey there. Long time no see. My life has been insanely hectic but so good at the same time. School is in full swing, work is fast-pace and I've already seen how much the Lord has done in the ministry I'm involved in this year!

Today I want to express my desires. You see I have a fear of failing. I'm a people-pleaser, I want to do everything perfect at work, I need to excel in my classes, be the best friend and daughter and sister I can be and to give all I have for God and his ministry. But, I'm at the end of my rope. I have even realized that I have an addiction to coffee, I have been relying on it every morning to get through each day, to stay awake in classes and to persevere to get things done. So last week in our Bible Study we talked about what's important to us and what is getting in the way of following God. I decided that depending on coffee wasn't exactly good or healthy for my relationship with God. So for this past week I have put aside my wan…