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I feel as if summer just started and already my highlight of this season has come and gone.

Oh and before I forget, I'm terribly sorry for neglecting my blogging duties, I've been taking my time away from the computer but I miss informing you all about the great little things God has been doing in my life.
Anyway, my mission trip to Mexico went incredibly well! However, at the start of our trip I wasn't so sure if it was going to be everything that I'd hoped for. The first day was scary for me, it was my first plane ride and I had no idea that we'd be that high in the sky! I kinda liked it though, it was such a humbling experience to remember that I am SO small compared to this world God has made and to see the earth from that view was truly beautiful!
After hours of flying, grocery shopping, and driving dirt roads we finally made it San Vicente!! Our first stop was tacos for dinner out on the street and I thought this place was super sketch. Boys in cars would slo…