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Jesus &Coffee &Things worth Celebrating.

It's crunch time and Jesus and Coffee are holding me together.  One Exam down. 
We had all campus worship last night and man how the Holy Spirit filled my heart. There is nothing more than I love than worshiping my father! Christ's unfailing love and grace is more than enough and when it comes to his Kingdom, one test or on paper doesn't matter. God matter's and that's it. That is beautiful news! It was absolutely wonderful to have all of the campus christian groups come together, in unity, in one place to worship our Jesus. I met up with so many new and old cherished friendships which all the more warmed my heart. (you know who you are and you matter to me:)) I'm so grateful for the people in my life. My family and friends are incredible. Speaking of family...  Happy 26th Anniversary to my lovely parents! Thanks for modeling to me what it means to love someone unconditionally and serve as a strong team for God.  Also I have the most encouraging and helpful bo…

Peace & Studies.

OH boy. I'm tired of studying already and I haven't even had my first midterm. yikes! Thankfully I have felt very refreshed and ready to take on the books and try not to procrastinate (ha I'm supposed to be studying at the moment oops).
As I encouraged you to take rest this last week I wanted to encourage you again with how God gave me rest this weekend. He gave me time to sleep and read his word and other books I have been longing to read (that's right I enjoy reading, I just dislike textbooks), time with my girls and time to make crafts/re-decorate my room, time for friends and my boyfriend (oh ya he's new in my life and I'm one happy girl), and time to spend worshiping my Jesus. We had an all city worship night on Sunday night and it was incredibly powerful! I just felt the Holy Spirit surrounding me all day and I felt renewed and at peace! God provides and is always pursuing us and I am always falling more in love with him. I can't wait for all campus …