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a song in response.

I have been delighting so much in God's word lately. I love reading it and soaking it all up and pondering it and seeing how God has been relating his word to other things he is doing in my life. There's some pretty powerful stuff going on let me just say that.
When I journal in response to reading his living word sometimes a song is created. I wrote this song a couple months ago and so today I'm going to share it with you.
Songwriting for me is a way I respond back to God, it's an incredible gift that he has given me and I need to share it more because I know he didn't give it to me to keep to myself. I've been learning more about what spiritual gifts are and what some of mine are and how to use them, and this topic keeps coming up, either in my devotionals or in sermons or conversations.
So what are your gifts that you've been hiding?

I hope this is an encouragement to you:)