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Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy your barbecues, festivites and fireworks! I know I will:)  


Well it's the week for celebrating our nations, our independence, our freedom and our identities. I have been thinking about the fourth of July this week and how yes, I am proud to be an American, but that is not all I am. I am also so thankful for my childhood years in Canada. The first of July is Canada Day and I have such fond memories of my family celebrating on that day and the fourth of July growing up. I know that legally I am not Canadian but I spent almost half of my life there and I miss it! I had always struggled being identified in Canada as an American and vice versa here in the states. But ya know what? I am so proud to cherish both countries! My family has moved quite a bit but I am so thankful that I have had different experiences, many friendships, different cultures and growing periods as we have moved from place to place. I may not have a home town but I have home wherever I am with my family and wherever Christ leads me.  God has molded me and shaped me with m…

Four great years:)

Well it's been quite a while since I have blogged regularly and it's about time I get back at it! So let's start with some updates of the happenings of my life.

Just a few weeks ago I made a major milestone in my life, I graduated college! I still cannot believe college is over, it is hard to grasp with the fact that I am not a student anymore! I'm pretty sure that it wont feel real until school starts up again and I will have no more classes or homework hallelujah! However, I will be going to a new campus to work and live with students, I am pretty stoked that my new job allows me to reap the fun benefits of student life since I am so not ready to give that up.

I have learned quite a bit over these few years. I have been developed into a different person; I have become more of a risk-taker, I have gained new eyes for people and the world, and God has been continually molding my heart to be more like him.

I received lots of knowledge about how people are developing …