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Light Overcomes Darkness

It's been so amazing being at home so far this break. Rest has been much needed in my life and it's so nice to wake up to a peaceful home, have my coffee and breakfast and read God's word while staring at the Christmas Tree and snow(thanks Jesus!) I love snow it always makes me feel like a kid again, something about it is so peaceful, which is exactly what my restless heart needs. 
Actually God's peace is really what our world needs. 
This joyful time of year has been pressed hard this past week of shootings and lost loved ones.  It breaks my heart every time I turn on the news.  However, what breaks my heart even more is that we get so caught up in the stories that our "close to home" but we don't get upset about how broken our world is everyday.  Everyday women all over the world (including America) are abducted into sex trafficking.Everyday children ache and die from hunger. Everyday people are martyred for their faith.Everyday the world is suffering b…

Happy Annivesary!

One year ago the luckiest man married my best friend! It was a very proud moment to stand by their sides and watch them say "I do"!

It was a gorgeous wedding to be apart of! It feels like just yesterday Venisa and I were having sleepovers and just dreaming of when we would be each other's maid of honors! I'm so happy for them and God has blessed them so much already! I'm so excited to see where he will take them!  Happy 1 year Saviola's!