embrace the moment.

There are too many moments that pass by in life to dismiss and forget about. Some may be memories you will never want to forget, some moments are going to hurt and some moments may catch you off guard. Never have I or will I regret any memory. You must embrace them all as you use each one as another stepping stone in the journey of life. There are many memories that I want to hold onto forever and then there are ones that will forever be there in the back of my mind but I wish would go away. Then there are those moments that many dream about. We wonder what will become of our future, where we will be in ten years from now or fifty years from now. However, I must focus on the here and now and be content with the memories I am currently making. Many times I struggle with the happenings of life and wonder why I ever had to go through tough circumstances but I must embrace them and grow and keeping moving on, one step at a time.
God is my King, He has saved me from this broken and messed up world. Without my Savior, I would be no where in this life. He has saved me time and time again and has loved me through it all. Too many times I have fallen and failed and focused on myself and what I have wanted, instead of worshiping God. However, God knows just how to bring my focus back to Him. It may not always be easy to be convicted by God and to learn how to trust only in Him, but He helps along the way. My God is with me in every moment, He does everything for a reason, so I'm going to embrace every one.


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