I feel as if summer just started and already my highlight of this season has come and gone.

Oh and before I forget, I'm terribly sorry for neglecting my blogging duties, I've been taking my time away from the computer but I miss informing you all about the great little things God has been doing in my life.
Anyway, my mission trip to Mexico went incredibly well! However, at the start of our trip I wasn't so sure if it was going to be everything that I'd hoped for. The first day was scary for me, it was my first plane ride and I had no idea that we'd be that high in the sky! I kinda liked it though, it was such a humbling experience to remember that I am SO small compared to this world God has made and to see the earth from that view was truly beautiful!
After hours of flying, grocery shopping, and driving dirt roads we finally made it San Vicente!! Our first stop was tacos for dinner out on the street and I thought this place was super sketch. Boys in cars would slowly drive past us creepy me out and I hated not being able to understand what anyone was saying (not speaking spanish was a definite barrier for me). I felt a little safer when we got to our compound and unpacked and settled in but all I kept thinking was "what in the world am I doing here God?"
The Lord was calling me to trust Him recklessly that week even if I didn't feel safe or know my purpose of being there. I quickly though felt safer within our community and I fell in love with the kids, I just wanted to adopt them all. Seeing the migrant camps was difficult and the labor during the days wore us out but it was so worth it as we saw God doing so much work and seeing Jesus come alive in many different places. One of my favorite moments was when I was at our second migrant camp walking through their neighborhood of one room housing handing out medical supplies. This little girl kept turning around and smiling at me so I went and talked to her in my broken spanish and I could just see Jesus in her eyes and I knew that in this dark camp Jesus shown bright.
God also showed me the unexpected. All year I have been debating if my major of human services was really what God wanted. I have so many options to choose from and I keep striving for easy ones like working for an adoption agency or becoming a teen director but God keeps bringing me back to "my" dream of opening a women's shelter. I always freak out and say no Lord that is too hard emotionally and someone else can handle that but God keeps putting a passion in my heart for broken women. As I was explaining my plans for the future with my leaders in Mexico they came up with this crazy idea that I should intern down in Mexico at the women's house! I had no idea that something like this would come out of our trip and now I have such a peace about going to Mexico for part of my summer next year. I'm still slightly scared of the thought of going there by myself for weeks but God keeps telling me again and again that He will be with me and that His will will be glorified. It has given me so much clarity and peace and I just want to continue trusting God in the scary moments and decisions in my life.

So yes Mexico was pretty amazing and I can't wait to get back there. Being home going back to work feels a little out of place but I'm getting back into the swing of things. Thank you for all your prays and support for me and I would be glad to share more about Mexico with you if you all wish:)

Our first night in San Vicente!

Playing with Christina at La Casa De Pastoral on Sunday

Our nightly Taco/Ice cream runs!

That's right I used power tools!

And install outlets!

Too precious girls reading the word of God.

Quack Diddly Oso.....

The pinata opened and chaos happened!

The playground we built at the church.

Courtney demonstrating how dirty we got everyday.

Only the best drink on the planet!

Little Lupe! The sweet girl in my story.

She wrote out Psalm 23 by memory, it did my heart good.

Loved the beach!

Our amazing team!


  1. Holy Moly!!! I loved reading this! This is the best break from my day ever! I looks like you had a wonderful time!! I can't wait to talk to you more!!! God definitely did work!!!


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