Hello 2014

This year I decided no reslotions since I never keep them but I do have some things I wish to do and small goals that I strive to acheive per season. Making goals for an entire year just isnt't doable for me and when the seasons change I have different focuses as well, so small goals it is.  
Today I want to reflect more on this past year rather than make a list of goals, however blogging more is definitely one of them, oops I haven't blogged since September...

On NYE my family started a new tradition of reflecting on all the blessings of the year. We wrote down our blessings throughout the year and opened them new years eve and wow what a blessed year I had! This has probably one of the most significant years of my life and I barely noticed! 

Here are my top blessings of 2013

Urbana Conference in St. Louis
This was my first time traveling east and boy was it dry, flat and cold! The snow, company of good friends and thousands of other InterVarsity friends, excellent food and experiencing Jesus was well worth it! I am made goals and dreamed of my future and committed to live missionaly with Jesus the rest of my life! My anthem was "I will go, I will go, I will go Lord send me." 

Russ & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary in Janurary and can I just say I am beyond blessed by this man. Oh I love him! We spent the day at the beach and it was 60 degrees and glorious:)

I had the opportunity to coordinate a cold weather women's shelter for the winter term with Love Inc at my internship for the winter term. It was a time of growth, weird sleeping patterns, thankfulness, recognizing I love admin work and learning how to love the women the best I could. 

I applied and accepted the Intern position with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It was the longest application of my life but it was well worth the work! 

Even though some of my closest friends had already graduated college I got to see them way more than I thought and I gained some new friendships during the rest of the year. Serioulsy a wonderful blessing that was so so so needed. 

I had an awesome small group and I miss that family! 

Oh how can I forget I had the most wonderful roommie! Casey you were great to live with, I miss our pillow talks, winco runs, our runs believe it or not and just plain living with you!

Enough said, I am so glad there are no more days of hw or lectures but it was a wonderful four years and there isn't a day I wouldn't want to go back, it was the time of my life I tell ya. 

I moved! I began my Internship at UofO this fall and it has been a fun, crazy transition and great year so far. I greatly miss Corvallis but this town is growing on me. I love my job and seriously couldn't picture myself doing anything else. I get to bring the Kingdom of God to campus and witness lives being transformed for my career?! You're kidding! I love it!

I opened an etsy shop: Kay's Cozies! It's been a dream of mine for three years since I love to create and make things and would love to do that for a living. So I stopped being a chicken and went for it and it has been quite succesful so far! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I just had at home for Christmas and we didn't have to travel Christmas morning, that's probably the third time in my life! Now are family members are all split up again and I already miss them. 

Sheesh what a year!! I am way too blessed and so thankful for Jesus and his work in my life! 
What were some of your blessings? 


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