Mixed feelings about the Superbowl

This weekend one of my favorite and least favorite events is happening. All month I have been looking forward to February 2 but also completely dreading this day at the same time. You might be thinking sheesh girl you have some polar opposite emotions about this day! You are right, I totally do! 
I am completely ecstatic that the seahawks will be playing in the superbowl!! It's only their second time ever at the superbowl and I am so proud of our NW team! My family has always been fans and well this time the seahawks must win! I even got inspired by a friend to make seahawk scarfs for my business, why not they are awesome! I definitely could have made much more business if I had only thought of that sooner, ha oh well! 

BUT, I on the flipside my body is sick thinking about this game day because believe it or not it is the biggest incident of human trafficking in the U.S. 
January is Human Trafficking awareness month and as an advocate I am asking for your prayers and intercession this week and during the superbowl on behalf of the victims of this horrific crime. 
I was reading an article the other day and in 2010 10,000 victims were brought to the superbowl's location and were expected to be with 25-50 men that night! I can only imagine how many more women will be victimized this Sunday and it disgusts me how many "Jon's" participate in this dehumanizing act. 

Pray for the women to be rescued from this trap of crime, dehumanization, and victimization. 
Pray for these men that they would not choose to participate in this disgusting event for their afterparty.  
Pray for our law enforcement as they do what they can to bust this crime and arrest the Jon's and slave owner's this weekend. 

As much as this weekend terrifies me for these women I believe we have a God that is bigger than this issue. He is our healer, redeemer, rescuer, and reconciler. He is a God who longs for justice and for this crime to be out to a stop. 
 Let's pray bold prayers on behalf of these women. 

I realize this is a heavy topic today and if you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below, I am no expert but I would love to talk with you about this injustice. Oh and go hawks! 


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that, Kayla. The reality of the matter is horrific and the numbers staggering. My heart hurts for those women who do not realize they are worth so much more than what their pimps have manipulated them to believe.

  2. This is so true, and something that not many people are aware of. Thank you for pointing this out! I will spread the word as well, and pray for all of those innocent people.

  3. You both are very welcome. I cannot imagine what it muat be like for these women and someone has got to continue to figtht for them!


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