Little things.

There's nothing like a hot shower and cuddling up in the covers after a long day. The weather was beautiful, serving God is wonderful, community and new friends are amazing and nature is incredible. It's finally beginning to look like spring.

My day started off with intentions to wake up early and get some studying done but like always, that idea went out the window as I slept in. In the late morning I served at a free car wash which was a great experience as we served others and loved them with God's love and after many laughs, almost losing my voice and getting each other wet, the car wash came to a close.

The rest of my delightful day consisted of a bbq, getting to know new friends and playing in the park. Ah I just love the feeling of a lazy afternoon, where being in good company and sunshine is all you need and its okay to be lazy even if there is studying to be done. Dinner came late and coffee and adventures were calling our names.

So on an adventure we went. We headed out to chip ross park in corvallis. Unknown to us of how far a trail it was, we didn't exactly wear proper foot wear. So we went along slipping in the muddy trail in flip-flops by the light of our cellphones. However, the mud was worth it, as the view at the top was pretty incredible if I do say so myself. You could see almost the entirety of corvallis. The city lights have always been beautiful in my eyes and the stars above us continually keep blowing my mind. The peacefulness set in as we all cuddled up on a bench and took it all in. Conversations took different turns and as we looked out with thoughts about how big our city really looked. Then, we started to figure out all the roads and different building and intersections and remembered that we lived in a small college town.

Nevertheless, the experience was great and I am happy to be back in my own warm bed after a nice long wonderful day. It seems that I'm finding the little things in life bring me much joy. I'm incredibly thankful for people, those who I'm close to and strangers who smile as you pass on the street. A little sunshine turns my mood right around, nature tends to make my jaw drop, peace is good to my soul, food is awesome when you're starving, and God continues to teach me everyday.

I love life and nice long lazy spring days like I had today.
But now I shall lay my sleepy little head to rest, the coffee has now faded and it's getting late. So I shall drift into dream land and pray God grants me a sweet dream and another sunny day tomorrow.


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