Hello Beautiful children of God. I just wrote a song just now about how amazing our heavenly father is. I'm hoping to record it someday, sometime soon. God has given me a gift of song writing, and I know that it would be a sin to keep that gift from you, so I'm no longer hiding my secret poems, but I'm sharing them so that you too can see how great God is! I pray that you will be blessed day in and day out in good times and bad!
 You’re good
You're good
Lord we cant get enough of you

You're true
You’re true
No one can live up to the things you do

We’re in awe
We’re blown away by you

We adore you
For your glory
We live for you
Praise your name
Your love is great
We love and worship you

Cant keep quiet
we got to shout it out
to the world to the world
you’re the one we care about
mustn’t keep still
raise our hands up high
to the heavens to heavens
we breathe only for you


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