well rested

ahhh spring break was much needed & I'm still in vacation mode, but I gotta kick-start back into this last term!

So here's the rundown of our wonderful adventure...

Friday morning we took off for Kelly's home in Bend! 

and surprise surprise it was snowing! as beautiful and calming as snow is, we were really hoping for some spring sunshine. We did really enjoy our stay though. We watched many movies, went shopping almost everyday, had amazing meals from Kelly's wonderful parents who are just the greatest hostess's if I say so myself, and we got to do one of my favorite things...


It was such a joy to skate outside for the first time! I grew up learning to ice skate when I lived in Canada and it was nice to bring back those memories:)

Then off we were to our next stop in my Home Sweet Tacoma
On our way there we passed gorgeous mountains

and as we were about to get on the highway to Washington the street sign blew our minds!

OKAY so let me explain. 
We have this obsession over 242 and it's in reference to Acts 2:42 which says
"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers"
It's kinda what our lives are all about as we serve and worship God together and we constantly see the number 242 everywhere, whether it's the time of day or the street sign to the highway! We got a bit excited and encouraged when we saw it:)

 Anyway...after a long 5hr drive we made it to my home! I was soo thankful that the weather was gorgeous while Kelly was there because she was able to see Tacoma for what it's worth. 

&& of course we had to spend a day in Seattle because who wouldn't!


First time at the 1st Starbucks!

We found the gum wall!

My 1st time at the Hard Rock Cafe

We love the Seattle Pigs. What's up with all the pigs anyway?

It was such a delightful trip with 
my lovely roomie,
my family 
and the crazy weather. 
I'm sad that it's all over but I'm anticipating 
spring sunshine, 
beach trips, 
wearing sandals, 
baseball games 
and seeing what God is going to do in this next term:)


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