{{hey there sunshine}}

Praise Jesus for this wonderful sunshine!
I am just loving it and soaking it up!

Today has been an excellent Sunday so far. The group I'm apart of, Intervaristy, led church today at the church that first supported our chapter. It was really exciting as we led worship and shared the geneology of how our community all impacts another and we all are connected in Christ. I am so amazed at how God orchestrates everything and I am so thankful for my community of friends! I honestly can't be grateful enough for them, they are so wonderful and I love being apart of their lives:)
 Thanks Jesus for being the best ever!

P.S. Day 5's Outfit:)

{top: romy, jeans: tjmax, boots: charlotte rouse, earings: target}


  1. Kayla, you, miss lady, are an AMAZING young woman of God and today was a wonderful day indeed. Thank you for sharing your musical talent to worship our Father in Heaven <3

  2. An, you my friend, THANK YOU! Have i told you lately that I'm so grateful to have you as an amazing friend? well I just did:)


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