{overflowed with love}

I'm sooo thrilled because I just got my package from my mamma!! OH joy I now have crafting materials and treats and things! I feel so much love oh it's good thanks mom!!

Today is just a great day I keep seeing God do so much good every where I look it's mind blowing mind blowing I tell you!
Here's a little lovely song that I hope will put some hope & love & joy in your hearts:)

By the way it's Day 9

I kept it simple today with my jewelry, which I usually do, but these rings I wear everyday.
 The rose ring I found a few years back at a antique shop at the beach & it helps remind me that there is always beauty after pain or troubles. The heart ring my mom but my last year & it symbolizes to me how great my community, family, and God loves me and everyone around me cause God's love is what makes the world go round:) My blue topaz ring is my purity ring, true love will await me!
My best friend Venisa and I personalized this amazing necklace by Lisa Leonard! It's called "You're the cream in my coffee" and I couldn't be more perfect! I'm so stoked that I finally got it today, I really adore it:) You should visit her site at http://www.lisaleonardonline.com/default.aspx
I'm so sure that you'll love it too!


  1. :D I loooooove our necklaces! and I love you and I love reading your blog.

  2. aw thanks love! I'm glad you love reading it and I love you to the stars and back!!!!


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