so this is spring oregon?

It's two days before spring break 
and I woke up to a winter wonderland.

Oregon the first day of spring was yesterday! haha oh good old oregon I love you anyway.
Two finals down and one to go. I'm trying to keep up the motivation to study. Thankfully I have found a new gem, the brand new chemistry building on my campus is excellent for studying. It's almost empty at the moment which is glorious compared to our packed library, it's like a one minute walk from my dorm and did I mention they have stumptown coffee, it's only the best around!
It's a good day regardless of all this studying. 

oh and did I mention that I'm completely obsessed with The Hunger Games and absolutely can not wait to go see it this weekend!!! however please take my advice when I say that it is an awful idea to start reading these books during dead week oops, I'm already almost half-way through the second book. 
I need to be studying human development not katniss the girl on fire. 
Haha well have a happy happy day everyone:)


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