coffee = functioning. Jesus = awakening.

Coffee + Jesus = energy & focus

Dead week has been the death of me. 85 intern hours (just 5 more!), 1 presentation, 3 papers down and 1 midterm to go!
(who gives midterms the last week???!)
Am I worried about my finals? No. Just looking forward for this week to be over.
Going home on Friday has been my motivator of the week!
My sister is graduating and we're celebrating my uncle's new home in heaven!
I can't wait to spend the weekend with my bestie & her hubby & my close family & friends.
Life is looking up even when my brain and body feel exhausted. 
God is blessing me left and right from the wonderful Godly women at my internship and the beautiful thank you flowers yesterday, to my supportive boyfriend and to my fundraising for my mission trip flying in! God is faithful everyday and it's good to be reminded of that.
So don't freak out or stress out or give up. God is on your side and in the end it's just a test you won't remember a couple years from now:)

Keep it up & go get your cup of joe this morning.
My barista made mine with heart and blessed my day and I bless her back!


  1. 85 intern hours? Oh gosh! I love that mug btw!

    For the Record

  2. ha yep 90 hour internship and a 270 hour internship are required for me to graduate! It's like my practicum but for counseling. Oh and thanks I made my mug!


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