{Happy Monday}

I'm so excited this Monday because in only 3 days I get to see my family for Thanksgiving!! I'm beyond stoked! I haven't seen my lovely sister since the middle of August and I cannot wait to be re-united with her! She has been kicking some serious water out of the pool this year and I'm so proud of her and how much she has grown and learn at her first year of college at Concordia! I have to admit I'm slightly jealous of her new adventures, you know: traveling to awesome cities with her swim team, sunny weather and hanging at the beach every Saturday. That's only slightly different from the wonderful rain I walk through everyday here in Oregon. Anyway I'm just so stinking excited to see her!

I love thanksgiving and all that it includes. A weekend with family, mash potatoes, black Friday shopping, the civil war game (go beavs!) and bringing on the Christmas holiday traditions!

This week I have been so thankful for the best devotional I have ever read! Jesus Calling has been amazing! Ya ya I know you may have already heard of it but seriously every day it could not have been more accurate to what I have needed to hear every day. God works in miraculous ways I tell you!
Lately I have been worried about my future; what I'll do after graduation, where I'll live next year, how I can do better in my classes, how I can please others...
and the list continues on all the things I am worried about. But today the book said to give all my worries to God and let him take care out my life outcomes. It's hard for me to give him these worries about the outcomes of my life, but He knows best and He has my life in His hands.

For when I put my trusting dependency in Him he will bring me peace and completion in Him.
He will forever satisfy me and He will me with His living water.
Now that is something worth being thankful for!

What you are you thankful for this week?


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