Four great years:)

Well it's been quite a while since I have blogged regularly and it's about time I get back at it! So let's start with some updates of the happenings of my life.

Just a few weeks ago I made a major milestone in my life, I graduated college! I still cannot believe college is over, it is hard to grasp with the fact that I am not a student anymore! I'm pretty sure that it wont feel real until school starts up again and I will have no more classes or homework hallelujah! However, I will be going to a new campus to work and live with students, I am pretty stoked that my new job allows me to reap the fun benefits of student life since I am so not ready to give that up.

I have learned quite a bit over these few years. I have been developed into a different person; I have become more of a risk-taker, I have gained new eyes for people and the world, and God has been continually molding my heart to be more like him.

I received lots of knowledge about how people are developing and changing or are unchangeable. I have seen how messed up our earth is and how different cultures have so much richness to them and I have realized how important influence is and how extremely vital relationships are. My eyes have witnessed more brokenness than ever before. In the past year I have attended three funerals of close friends and family. I have seen so much destruction in relationships, the huge divides between the rich and the poor, I have realized how much racial reconciliation is needed and how our earth is literally falling apart. Seriously, so much justice needs to be brought and restoration is vital for us!
BUT I have seen lives changed dramatically, including mine. God is on the move, his Holy Spirit is inevitably showing up everywhere. I have seen international students come to Christ and unexpected students come to Bible Studies and fall in love with Christ. I have seen him restore homeless families and bring these children into a a relationship with him. I have been apart of a group of students giving generously to bring justice for girls in Bangladesh!

I could go on and on, all I know is that God used college to show me more of how he sees us and the earth. I have gained the knowledge and tools to help be apart of God's restoration team. He has called me and I plan on being a world changer for the rest of my life. I just cannot wait to see how God will use me!


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