Birthday wishes

Today is my mom's birthday and it's killing me that I can't be with her to celebrate her day! So I am sending my blessings to you instead. 
If anyone should be thrown a glamorous party it should be this lady! I am so grateful for her impact on my life and her influence on everyone around her. Let me tell you a little bit about her:)
She is kind.
She is lovely.
She is brave.
She is courageous.
She is strong.
She is gracious, way too gracious with us.
She is a peacemaker.
She is a prayer warrior.
She has a servant's heart.
She is caring.
She is compassionate.
She is empathetic. 
She is joyful.
She is selfless.
She is an encourager.
She is a supporter.
She is our number 1 fan.
She is beautiful.
She is a godly woman.
She is the best gift giver.
She is patient.
She is a teacher.
She is a great crafter and d.i.y. maker.
She is hospitable.
She is a great friend.
She is loyal.
She is faithful.
She puts our family first when really we should put her first.
She is wonderful.

Basically she is super mom and I wouldn't know how I would live without her! She is high on my speed-dial for a good chat, a prayer, a laugh, a "help I don't know where to find this ingrediant", and a just when I need a friend call. 
Thanks mom for being incredible, we know you work so hard at it:) 
Your another year older but no one would know cause look at how gorgeous you are!
Happy Birthday mom! 


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