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It's day 21!!!

It has been a fun, creative, and difficult challenge. 
I mentioned last week what I have learned through my struggles through this project but it wasn't all bad my friends. It was also exciting to join my community in this and guess what I can totally survive off of 21 items of clothing, the world does go on. 

The past month I have been traveling like a crazy person so selfies were not able to happen. However, I promised I would show you all the outfits I was able to come up with. Most of these outfits wer repeated many times as the weather does not like to co-operate here in the NW. I used polyvore during this project to help me get more creative with my items and I documented them just for you! 

21 items 26 outfits 

Now parden me while I go purge my closet...

How'd your challenge go?


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