30 items 30 days

Okay Okay so my wonderful friend Molly Kidd encouraged a 30 items 30 days challenge. So From today until February 25 I will only be wearing 30 articles of clothing. The point is to be creative with what you have and realized that we really don't "need" any more clothes than we already have! Oh and the reward is a great necklace giveaway from Molly! I hope I win:)

So you'll need...
30 clothing items (not including workout clothes, undergarments, and accessories)
&& a creative & positive attitude!
If you're up for it..
1. blog about this commitment / if you're not a blogger , write about your commitment through facebook 2. mention my blog in your post .
3. follow my blog / or like my blog through facebook .
4. comment below / comment through facebook so i know you're in for the challenge/giveaway

It's really not to late to join, you have to commit starting with me, maybe even start tomorrow, next week or make it a goal to complete this challenge sometime this year!

These are my items...
{2 jackets & 2 sweatshirts}
{toms & my fav flats & rainboots}
{3 pairs of jeans & 2 pairs of tights & leggings}
{4 sweaters}
{9 tops}
{2 skirts}
This is today's outfit:)

cardigan: tjmax
shirt: tjmax
jeans: ross
shoes: payless
scarf: $3 from H&M
headband: f21
watch: target


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