Summary of the Week

1. So this morning and I dragged myself out of bed and stared at my messy closet and thought...I can wear whatever I like! It was like I was welcomed a brand new wardrobe! Yesterday was my last day of the 30 day 30 item challenge. It was really fun to be more creative with my accessories and a good reminder to live simply with my life. I made a few mistakes by not putting enough neutral's in my 30's which made it harder to mix and match. I also was pretty bad at putting up pictures everyday, I'm kinda a roll out of bed and get ready in 20 mins girl, so taking pictures wasn't a total priority. I did it though I promise and it was a great thirty days! 

2. There are 20 days till spring break! Yesterday's snowy whether had me dreaming about reading books by a fire and sledding all day and drinking hot cocoa up in a cozy cabin. Today however, I'm wishing for Californian beaches and disneyland! I think I'm just ready for a relaxing break and some warm whether. I just got to push through these last finals days of the term!

3. Stephanie Mackay, Happy Belated Birthday! I've been not soo great at blogging this week but I didn't want to forget to mention you! You are 20 yippee! I'm soo glad to have you in my life, you bring joy and amazing memories to our college life. Thanks for being an awesome friend Stephy!!

4. I'm saving the best for last... GOD is sooo good! Our "How does evil effect your life?" Stations went so well. God's kingdom advanced and I now have 11 new brothers and sisters in Christ! And that's crazy because I had been praying for at least 10 new believers and God was soo faithful!! It was an incredible experience to share the gospel with fellow students and God is continuing to do great things as we connect with more people and keep praying and speaking boldly in His name.



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