From Home to Home

Currently I’m on a train southbound from Tacoma to Corvallis. Leaving one place of home to another.

It was wonderful to be at home with my family this summer. Spending time with my sister was so much fun and working all week long wasn’t too bad either. 

  This summer I had a few “firsts” for me. For example this is my first train ride. 
Going to Mexico was an INCREDIBLE first. I miss that place so much!
Singing in a wedding was an honored first for me:)
Flying on a plane was a funny first.
Visiting the cute town of Polsbo and taking a ferry to Seattle was a delightful first. 
Buggy-boarding in Cannon Beach was an exciting first!
But Vacationing in Cannon Beach though has been a tradition in my family for years and I love every single trip we take there!

This place has always had such a sense of home for me. I don’t know if it’s the smell of Bruce’s Candy Kitchen, the Haystack Rock or the beautiful sunsets. I always enjoy my time there and I dream of having a beach house there one day, perhaps in many, many decades when I’m old and retired ha! Until then it’s still my favorite vacation spot.

I’m so looking forward to being back in Oregon. I’ve loved being by the gorgeous and unbelievably beautiful waters of the Pudget Sound but I longing to be back in my college town. I’m so excited to be back in community and to be back on my regular life schedule oh and to have slightly warmer weather!

It seems that no matter where I am I always miss one of my many homes. However I’m learning to be content wherever my Jesus is taking me. I can’t believe that I’m halfway through school and I’ve grown so much! I can’t wait to see where he leads me these next years!


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