{Happy Happy Halloween}

Happy Halloween Day!

However, today doesn't really feel like Halloween, Monday just doesn't seem like a day for a holiday.  I've dressed up for all weekend and today I didn't feel it was appropriate to dress up but I thought I'd go nautical today, that counts for something right!

 But my day has already been off to a great start! At work this morning my bosses dressed up in the most hilarious costumes, they brought us candy and the little kids came through our offices to trick or treat and they made my day!! Normally Monday's aren't my favorite but thank you Jesus I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and I am ready to start week 6!

So here's a bit about my weekend in a nutshell!

Reverse trick or treating! 
My ministry decided that we were going to give candy away and have a costume party and I was pretty impressed at the turnout!

{1920's Flapper Ladies}

{Varsity House Mugger}

Sabbath. It was so nice to have a day skyping with my family, reading my Bible and spending time with God, making crafts and dancing make a great day!
Oh and my beautiful sister was on her coming court! I'm so proud of her and her achievements in these past couple years and I miss her so much!

{My Beautiful mama and sister:)}

We had a leadership palooza! Basically we had a huge feast and family time with my leadership team. The food was great and my apple nachos were a hit!

As I end, I want to leave you with this on this typical day that can portray evil. Peace be with each of you and remember that God's presence is with you wherever you go!


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