Birthday blessings!

Well one countdown on my list has come and gone cause yesterday was my birthday:) goodness I feel old now 22 is such a weird age cause there are no more exciting birthdays for a while now. I feel like a real adult now just a young adult ah and I have to make real life decisions now, oh my goodness like what job ill have and where I'll live oh wow I'm not going to freak out about that now. Anyway I had a very nice birthday:)
I had a very enjoyable and delicious dinner date with Russ, Krystal and Ryan at Big River. My taste buds to say the least were very happy! It was a lovely evening:) I'm very spoiled and blessed by my these lovely people:) I can't wait to go birthday shopping and enjoy the many treats my mom and friends have made me. But more than anything I'm so blessed to know that my father God has made me and created me to be exactly who I was created to be and I'm so excited to live life on this journey he has for me!
Oh and I'm so excited well okay you may or may not judge me for this but I got a sewing machine for my birthday! I've always wanted one and I'm feeling so domestic now! Haha it's like having women power tools I even have a sewing toolbox kit and everything:) watch out now I can really craft for days! Thanks parents!
Today is also another exciting day as its my besties 22 birthday! I'm so blessed by Nisa's lifetime friendship an I can't thank her enough for how she has supported and loved me:)
I wish I could see her today to celebrate her:)
Love you v!


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