Reasons for Celebrating

Okay Okay I've procrastinated too long and I miss blogging way too much! I miss sharing how God is transforming me and how he has been blessing me. So it's about time I start again!

Well he has been blessing me this year that is for sure!
This is my senior year ahhh! I never thought this time would come!
{My first last day of school picture ever!}
Yes I'm not loving my ridiculous amounts of hard homework (writing papers for days:/) and I'm dreading make serious life decisions for post-college. But yes I am loving living with my roommie Casey and making new memories with my Intervarsity community. 

{Casey & I making tutu's for halloweekend}
This year has also been tough with my boyfriend and I are long-distance:( However, I'm so lucky that he comes and visits me as often as he can:) And this weekend I got to celebrate him!
{yay for tickets to the game!}
Russell turned 23 this saturday! It was great, he was here and my parents were her for dad's & families weekend. It was a weekend of celebrating as I turn 22 this coming Wednesday (as in 2 days!!:)) So there was celebration all around. We ate out lots and enjoyed yummy food and we were able to tailgate with our close friends before my dad, Russ and I went and enjoyed some Beaver Nation football! OH and we won yet again, 7-1 baby! I'm so proud of my Beavers!

Oh and have I mentioned how beautiful it is in Corvallis in the fall! I love the orange and yellow leaves and the view of the park from my room.

I'm so blessed my having Russ and my parents and my community in my life. Sometimes it's easier to focus on the hard or difficult tasks of each day but remember how good God is and soaking in his presence makes life ten times better. After all Jesus is the best part about life and I need to remember that he's got it all figure out for me. 


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